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Harry Potter Quotation Icontest

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[7-16-05 at 12pm]

I am going to wait until we get enough entries to put up the voting.
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[7-13-05 at 3pm]

This is your midweek reminder to go and enter the current challenge. It ends Friday at 9 pm EST
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[7-8-05 at 11pm]

Since this community just started, it does not yet have too many active members. So the first two challenges are going to be extended another week. They will be due Friday July 15th at 9:00 PM EST. I have thought about it, and I have decided that the rules are for this community from now on, that you can use any picture you want from the icons. You may use a picture from a harry potter movie, or you may apply the quotes to another movie of your choice. It doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is that you use three words from the quotes.

CLICK HERE to go and enter the first two challenges. I will post a lot of reminders for these challenges to remind people to submit icons. Also, if you would like to help promote this community, you can put something in your journal or your user info. Whatever you like.
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[7-8-05 at 1pm]

The first two challenges end tonight at 9:00 PM EST. You can go enter them HERE. The first two challenges are 'Visiting Hagrid' and 'Quidditch.'

You should also go join lotr_sw_hp_art and gof_stillness.
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Midweek Reminder [7-6-05 at 4pm]

The first two challenges end on Friday the 8th at 9:00 PM EST. You can go enter them HERE. The first two challenges are 'Visiting Hagrid' and 'Quidditch.'
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Challenge #1 and Challenge #2 [6-30-05 at 8am]

These are the first two challenges for this community. I am posting it early because, well sometimes its hard to get people to make entries for the first challenge.

1. Make one icon for each of the two quotes that are behind the cut.
2. For this challenge take any three words from each quote...they do not necisarilly have to be three consecutive words
3. For this challenge, please do not animate -- i am not sure if this will become a permanent rule.
4. You must submit your icons by July 8th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. The voting will go up shortly after this and then the voting will end on July 10th (sunday) at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Then the winners and banners will be posted soon afterward.
5. All comments are screened.
6. Post your icons as a comment with the image and the url. If you upload to photobucket.com or something, please to do move it or remove it from the website until after the challenge at least. If you do not want your icons to waste space in your photobucket accounts, then a good place to go is www.tinypic.com You do not need an account for this picture hosting site. You just put the picture on and it gives you the url and img tag.

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[6-29-05 at 10pm]

Comment here if you would like to affiliate with hpquoteicontest. If I add you to my affiliates page then I expect you to do the same on ALL of your communites!
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